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Crew Management


We provide full crew management services to shipowners and shipmanagers worldwide.


We have vast experience in manning for most types of vessels with different crew nationalities.


Through our offices in Myanmar, we offer competitive rates for Myanmar crew.


Our other crew resources are from Myanmar MMU(Myanmar Maritime University), MMMC(Myanmar Mercantile Marine Colleague), MSU(Myanmar Seamen Union).


We have a large pool of highly experienced and competent officers & crew, many of whom have served in our company for many years. We have cadetship and training programs with established maritime institutions to ensure a continuous supply of officers for our vessels, groomed and familiar with our health, safety, quality & enviroenmental culture.


We have stringent & thorough pre-employment screening procedures. Our emphasis on training, qualification and experience ensures the right mix of crew to man the vessels. We strictly observe the onboard crew matrix & ensure this is being complied with.


We conduct annual crew seminars in strategic locations, promoting ship-shore cohesion and meeting training needs.


We have awards to recognize contributions by loyal seafarers. Through annual activities, we are able to enhance bonding with our crew and their families. 


We have highly motivated and well trained Myanmar crew to ensure smooth and safe shipboard operations!

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